About Us

Our Company is...

... focused solely on delivering great products and committed meeting all customer requirements.

Satbachan G was establish in 1983 and provides high quality services in metal engineering solutions for both the domestic and commercial markets. Satbachan G offices are based in Barking, London, which reside in 2000 square feet, with the ability to manufacture many types of metal solutions ranging from Staircases, balustrades, canopies and more. We specialise in bespoke manufacturing of products, and can proudly incorporate the customers personal design features at request. We ensure any designs taken into consideration meet safety requirements.

For any structure manufacturing metal solutions, we do require Architects and/or Structural Engineers detail drawings in compliance with new government regulations. This is to ensure the end product is safe for the customer and any works carried out are fully compliant.

Our Company Mission

Satbachan G's mission is to support our customers by providing superior products and services of exceptional value.

Our Approach

Satbachan G is dedicated to working with our customers, ensuring all requirements are meet and a quality end product is manufactured.